Historic Sites & Museums

Historic Sites, Museums and Other Area Attractions

Louisa County’s cultural history dates back to around 200 BC when the “mound builders” occupied an area near the Iowa and Mississippi Rivers. People have enjoyed the rich resources in the area ever since. Four local museums document everything from Native American occupation to more recent times. In addition to the museums, several other buildings and attractions will capture the interest of history buffs visiting this rural county in southeast Iowa.

9. Columbus Community Heritage Center

Louisa County’s newest museum is a tribute to the area’s immigrants, new and old

25. Louisa County Heritage Center

If it’s a part of Louisa County’s history, you’ll see it here. You’ll find objects, information and photos related to military service, farming, homemaking, schools, business and more.

32. Rural Free Delivery Museum

This museum pays tribute to the first Rural Free Delivery routes in the country. It’s a bit of national history tucked away in small town Iowa.

34. Toolesboro Mounds and Museum

This site has some of the best-preserved and accessible burial mounds from the Hopewellian tradition. There is also an education center and a prairie demonstration plot.

39. Swinging Bridge

A fun and historic stop in Columbus Junction Iowa