Hunting in Louisa County

If you are looking for a place to hunt in Southeast Iowa, start here in Louisa County. With a diversity of habitat on our 12 public hunting areas, you'll find a spot to hunt everything from deer to ducks.

Key:        XX: major species for area        X: minor species for area

Hunting Area Waterfowl Deer Turkey Pheasant Rabbit Squirrel
Baird Timber   XX XX     XX
Big Timber Division of Port Louisa NWR XX XX XX     XX
Cairo Wood Wildlife Area   XX XX X XX XX
Chinkapin Bluffs Recreation Area   XX XX X X XX
Cone Marsh Widlife Area XX X   XX XX  
Horseshoe Bend Divison of Port Louisa NWR

(closed to all uses Sept 15- Nov 30)
prohibited XX X XX X  
Indian Slough Wildlife Area XX XX XX X X X
Klum Lake Wildlife Management Area XX XX XX X X X
Millrace Flats Wildlife Management Area XX X X XX X  
Mississippi River Islands XX XX X      
Odessa Wildlife Management Area

Special waterfowl regulations apply find out more »
Virginia Grove Recreation Area   X X X X XX

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