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Rural Free Delivery Museum

Rural Free Delivery Museum

In 1896 the U.S. Postal Service agreed to test the idea of Rural Free Delivery. Senator John H. Gear recommended Morning Sun, Iowa be chosen as the first experimental town because it was the most “reading” community he knew of.

The RFD Museum pays tribute to that historic event. It’s a bit of National history tucked away in small town Iowa.


Hours: Open by appointment
Irene Kreiger: 319-868-7922 or
Joan Bausch: 319-868-7593

Reasons to Visit

 Artifacts include the orginal postal window and boxes, a postal buggy, corn cob stove and a letter sorter.

Morning Sun, IA 52653

Morning Sun Community Betterment
11 S Main St, Morning Sun, IA 52640
Joan Bausch 319-868-7336

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