Wildlife Areas

These areas are managed for wildlife habitat rather than human comforts. All are places where hunting is allowed, You an also watch wildlife and hike (though not all have established trails). Others are places to paddle, ride horses or fish. Find other hunting areas »»

Area Acres
2. Baird Timber 18    
4. Cairo Woods Wildlife Area 525  
10. Cone Marsh Wildlife Mgmt Area 700
17. Indian Slough Wildlife Area 1100
19. Klum Lake Wildlife Mgmt Area 650
26. Millrace Flats Wildlife Mgmt Area 1456
27. Mississippi River Islands
Wildlife Management Area
29. Odessa Wildlife Mgmt Area 3828  
38. Turtle Bend Wildlife Mgmt Area 1307
Klum Lake WMA Cone Marsh WMA Indian Slough Wildlife Area Baird Timber Millrace Flats WMA Odessa WMA Mississippi River Islands WMA Cairo Woods Wildlife Area Turtle Bend WMA