Parks and Recreation Areas

Have a picnic . . . take a hike . . . pitch a tent . . . our parks have a something for everyone. Some are small city parks, others are large multi-use recreation areas. Take a look at what we have for you.

1. Academy Park  
6. Chautauqua Park  
7. Chinkapin Bluffs Recreation Area  
8. Columbus City Park    
12. Flaming Prairie Park
20. Langwood Education
Center & Camp

Reservation only; groups only
21. Letts Community Park  
22. LJ Thompson River Road Park  
23. Locust Grove Park  
24. Louisa County Fairgrounds      
28. Oakville City Park  
33. Snively Access Campground    
35. Virginia Grove Recreation Area
36. Wapello Northend
Academy Park Letts City Park Louisa County Fairgrounds Chautauqua Park Chinkapin Bluffs Recreation Area Columbus City Park Flaming Prairie Park Langwood Education Center & Camp LJ Thompson River Road Park Locust Grove Park Wapello Fairgrounds Park Oakville City Park Snively Access CampgroundVirginia Grove Recreation Area